This is a beautiful story, Misty. I too was raised Christian and no longer identify with the religion, but I can identify with what you wrote about the idea of the universe or our Creator loving all their creations. Following that, I thought of how in many cases like this one, there are people who respond with “God doesn’t make mistakes,” and so I started to wonder, what if that’s true? If your Willow was born male but identifies as female and knows that is who she’s meant to be, maybe a God created her this way: as an instrument to teach society a truth that’s different from what’s conventionally accepted. Because isn’t it society that truly imposes gender norms on people? Maybe all LGBTQIA+ people were created exactly as they are — and exactly as however they identify and define themselves — to teach the rest of the world about differences.

Just an idea I had while reading. Thank you for sharing your family’s story!

I like to write things that make people uncomfortable.

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