I completely agree with this entire article, Meg. I was born in 1994, and I get so tired of the previous generations deriding ours because we’re “lazy” and “entitled” and we “just want everything handed to us without being willing to put in any work for it.” I think many people don’t understand how just about everything about the world we live in has changed since they were our age, and what we have to contend with is different than what they had to. The cost of living has gone up, while wages have not. An education is still very valuable, but a college diploma is not, because everybody has one. And maybe we are the most progressive generation yet, but we’re being given a country that is trying to backtrack rather than make any progress, because the people who run this country—predominantly wealthy, white men—are afraid of what they don’t even try to understand.

I think that might be one of the biggest problems with previous generations: they don’t seem interested in even trying to understand what it’s like to be in somebody else’s position and how somebody else might be affected, whether positively or negatively, by what doesn’t even touch them.

I was raised Christian (a religion I feel very skeptical about now), so I was taught to love everyone, but also that it’s sinful to be gay. I’m not gay, so that in itself never touched me, but I never understood why that could be so wrong, and I never bought into that point of view. I have gay friends, and I have Muslim friends, and they are all truly wonderful people, and I always thought, how are they any different from me? We all have different points of view, different stories and backgrounds and different struggles, but at the heart of who we are, aren’t we all just people? We need to stand alongside each other as people, and create the change that our world doesn’t even know it so desperately needs.

I like to write things that make people uncomfortable.

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